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Life is tough but I am tougher!

This blog is nothing but a drainage of my thoughts and opinions.

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How can I be good for you??

When Iam not even good for me?

How could a broken lamp glow?

How a depressed man could be of any use?

You cannot eat a rock for your appetite,

Just like you cannot be friends with a broken man,

The moon has no companion,

Some wolves don’t belong to any pack,

Let me be in my solitude for your own good,

There is nothing to do with a marsh land,

Just like my heart.


The monsters your mom told you about, when you would not go to sleep is real.

They steal your innocence.

They teach you disgust when they come near you in a public transit.

They teach you panic when they spam your inbox in late nights.

They show you that your pain does not a matter to them.

Be prepared to face the monsters.

#stop female abuse

Train travel in India

Eyes are droopy with long day back in college

Going home in a possible wierd way

Oh look! Thats a beautiful village

People who pretend to be sitting in the iron throne are looked with dismay

Chit chats , noises ,kids laughs,stranger’s smile,breath of sleeping baby fills the atmosphere

Oh I should not oversleep, thats a great fear

Trading women arguing with rage

Children look like birds in cage

Sleepy face, sad face , tired face all are with hopes that the train will surely reach the desired destination

Won’t it be nice if the life moves on with the same fashion?

Career dilemma

Oh my soul!

What is you are destined to be?

Why can’t you remain shapeless and careerless!

You are holding out two fingers to choose,

But why should I choose!

I want to be limitless

I want to be tagless

Could I be free just like the birds and butterflies

I can hear you chuckling at me,

With a great sigh,

Whatever,do whatever you want to do with me…

As long as Iam elastic.

But I too have a breaking point,that day you will not exist,

Because I will not.

Lonely night

Universe is vast while Iam here in my room like a dust,

This feeling going to stay foreever,that I will never be happy again.

I just want to get rid of all the chaos that is surrounding me,of which I have no interest.

Longing for days full of contentment,

Having no one to understand my fancies and longings,

Will I ever be happy again?